Required Equipment

All animals, regardless of species, must wear a collar or harness and be leashed while working as a therapy animal team.

The equipment that teams use when visiting must be safe and humane for the animal and also safe for the handler and the people that are being visited.

Your animal must wear the same equipment during the evaluation and when visiting.

Acceptable Equipment for Therapy Dogs

The following is the list of acceptable equipment for the therapy animal program:

All-body or step-in harnesses where the leash clips to a ring on the back of the animal.

  • The Danyell No-Harm Harness

The following body or step-in harnesses where the leash chips to a ring at the animal’s chest.

  • Premiere Gentle Leader Easy-Walk Harness
  • Halti Harness
  • Freedom Harness
  • Sensation Harness
  • Sensible Harness


  • Buckle, snap, quick-release collars (may either be made of leather or fabric)
  • Limited slip collars such as Martingales provided they do not include metal links
  • Halters/head collars


  • No more than 6 feet in length
  • Leather or fabric

Brushes (if needed):

  • Soft bristles
  • plastic handle

Unacceptable Equipment

The following are not permittedĀ for evaluations or visits:

  • Special training collars such as prong (both metal and plastic)
  • Electric or spray collars
  • Metal collars and harnesses (including Martingales) that have metal links
  • Full-slip collars of any type
  • Leashes that have any amount of metal chain
  • Retractable leashes
  • Leashes longer than 6feet
  • Wire bristle brushes
  • Combs with metallic teeth