Congratulations! You passed your exam! What’s next?

There’s a bit of paperwork to do. You’ll need to log into your Pet Partners account¬†and add a registration with your animal.

After you log in you’ll need to click the link that says “Go to My Registrations”

If you’ve already started a registration it will be shown here. Otherwise you will need to click “Start a Team Registration”

You’ll be guided through the process of entering information about your partner as well as uploading the paperwork that you’ve filled out. You’ll need

  • Animal Health Screening
  • A scanned copy of your evaluation score sheet
  • A scanned copy of your workshop certificate
  • A picture you would like to use on your Pet Partners badge
  • The Atlanta Pet Partners Community ID: 90412
  • to pay for your registration. Because APP is a community partner your fee is reduced by $45!

In about 2 weeks you’ll receive your badge in the mail and you’ll be ready to join us on group visitations or learn how to set up your own.